The onboarding process involves the welcoming of new employees and is, therefore, a collaborative effort that includes the Human Resource and Administrative Department - Human Resource Management Division (HRAD-HRMD), the concerned department/office of assignment, and other units throughout the agency. The onboarding program is the start of onboarding new hires to their specific role and department, which is a more detailed and longer process. To help the concerned department/office of assignment in the assimilation of their new hires in the agency and their respective departments, the HRAD, through the Learning Resource and Information Division, re-designed the SEC Onboarding Program.

The Onboarding Program is a structured learning intervention that occupies an interstitial place in the entry process of new hires. The newly re-designed program is composed of four (4) consecutive trainings that is meant to present a holistic approach in the onboarding process of the new hires. The strategic intent of this program is three-fold:

  1. It aims to equip new hires with basic functionality as civil servants;

  2. It intends to imbue new hires with the ethos of “employeeship”; and

  3. It seeks to introduce the mandates of the SEC and its importance as new SEC employees.

The first module (Module 1) presents the “Values Reflection.” This training seeks to entrench the SEC corporate values into the consciousness of the new hires and to induce the new hires to translate them into workplace behavior, which will help build the “brand” of public service of the SEC and which will ensure their alignment with the new vision of the SEC. This training will be supported by lectures on “good followership” to provoke the new hires into reflecting on the critical importance of their roles as “followers” with that of their principals in achieving agency’s goals and targets. Additionally, this training will touch on workplace patriotism and how the new hires can verbalize their reflections on how they can make their stint at the agency a legacy of remarkable service.

The second module (Module 2) presents the “Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards of Public Officials and Employees or Republic Act 6713”. This training aims to guide the new hires as to what is expected of them from an ethical point of view to uphold the time-honored principle of public office being a public trust. As new hires, especially those new in the government service, compliance to this Code is expected to enhance professionalism to ensure confidence in the public service.  

The third module (Module 3) presents “SEC Mandates 101”. This training intends to briefly introduce the extensive mandates of the Securities and Exchange Commission being implemented by the operating departments. It aims to provide and increase awareness of the new hires in the interconnectedness of these mandates to effectively regulate and enforce reforms in the Philippine Capital Market. This training will focus on the main functions of the operating departments, SEC Intranet, and matters related to training and development, payroll, and ProSEC.

The fourth module (Module 4) presents the “Completed Staff Work.” This training is meant to make the new entrants better at crafting official correspondences in keeping with their gatekeeping and problem-solving roles, thus facilitating prudent and decisive decision-making by their principals.