The objectives of this workshop are to develop a draft strategic communication plan resulting in raising the knowledge and awareness of the Commission’s mandate, functions, roles, and responsibilities, strengthening stakeholder engagement, and expanding the reach of information dissemination. Likewise, this workshop is a good opportunity to synergize the national and regional communication plans to ensure a greater impact on the Commission’s advocacy and social mobilization efforts.

This aims to ensure that at the end of the training, the participants can:

  1. Present, analyze, and evaluate past communication plans to determine the gaps, issues, and concerns.
  2. Develop a holistic SEC Strategic Communication Plan harmonizing the communication needs and gaps identified and action plans implementable nationwide.
  3. Create a monitoring and evaluation plan and tools to track the progress of the SEC Strategic Communication Plan.
  4. Distinguish the concepts, elements, and processes of developing a strategic communication plan using the appropriate communication model or approaches.