Welcome to the SEC Financial Literacy Training!

The SEC Financial Literacy Training, is a continuation of the Financial Inclusion Training carried out in the last quarter of CY 2021.  It is designed to align the participants with the definition and institutional mandate of the SEC and other CPEC member-agencies. It maps out the strategic and tactical work support needed in order to broaden understanding about money beyond the canned financial education learning modules. Specifically, the training seeks:

  • To familiarize the employees with what financial literacy means to their external clients and with the rightful place of the SEC within the cluster of government regulators in the financial sector;
  • To familiarize the employees with the roles of the other government agencies within the financial sector, how all these agencies within the financial sector complement each other strategically and operationally;
  • To enable the employees to understand the emotional significance of money and to help them incorporate insights from behavioral economics and behavioral finance.