The Onboarding Program is a structured learning intervention that occupies an interstitial place in the entry process of new hires. Composed of five (5) consecutive trainings, it is meant to supplement the employee’s orientation conducted by the Human Resources Management Division (HRMD) of the Human Resource and Administrative Department (HRAD), and to underpin the assimilation by the host units.

The strategic intent of this program is two-fold:

  • It aims to equip new hires with basic functionality, and
  • It intends to imbue new hires with the ethos of “employeeship”

The second module (Module 1) of the SEC Onboarding Program deals with ‘The Ethics of Good Followership.’ This training intends to provoke the new hires into thinking through their status as subordinates in a hierarchical structure, into reflecting on the critical importance of their gatekeeping and problem-solving roles in pursuit of collective goal attainment.