The eSPMS shall serve as a human resources roadmap for connecting and synchronizing the Commission’s mandates, vision, mission, and strategic goals with each office/department, division, and employee performance. It ensures that each unit and employee meets the goals established by the organization and that the organization accomplishes the goals indicated in its strategic plan through its people. To ensure this alignment, the enhancements made to the SPMS policy emphasize the following:

  • Competencies and new forms
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Alignment with the strategic initiatives

The roll-out will focus primarily on writeshops and reviews of the previously submitted DPCRs and IPCRs until FY 2023. It will be conducted for all departments and offices to help the attendees be acquainted with the new eSPMS cycle and have an in-depth understanding of their department’s/office’s alignment with the Agency Scorecard.