The Module on Cognitive Versatility is one of the pillars of Intellectual Acuity. Intellectual Acuity is the competency framework developed for this training program for the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) and lawyers from other departments/offices of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

This program aims to enhance the capacity of the OGC lawyers to bring about better sense-making, decision-making, and action-taking roles for enhanced efficacy in the performances of functions at present and in the future. It intends to produce lawyers who are innovative and creative in problem-solving and in providing sound advice and solutions to the Commission.

The SEC Capability-Building on Service Design is designed to embed customer centricity from policy to operations, from systems to processes, in keeping with the prescribed service excellence standard and to induce the reexamination and possible reinvention of major frontline services ensuring a sustainable, enjoyable, commendable, and memorable experience.

This aims to ensure that at the end of the training, the participants can:

  • To address all the pain points in the customer journey; and 

  • To imbue the social psyche of the organization with the idea that customer centricity requires innovation to be done via a whole-of-organization approach.

The module on Adaptive Performance is the first pillar of the Intellectual Acuity Framework designed for the lawyers of the Securities and Exchange Commission. This is one of 3 modules which was developed to prepare the SEC lawyers for the evolution of functions in the fast-changing world of business and to set their minds to become fit-for-purpose and future ready. It is specially designed to help the lawyers appreciate change, and become novel solutions providers.

This module aims to ensure that at the end of the module, the participants can:

  • Create a mindset that is able to go with the flow of evolution of functions in the fast-changing world of business and to redefine their roles to be fit for purpose and future-ready
  • Develop cultural inter phasing and high social intelligence
  • Adapt one’s performance with the requirements of digital technology
  • Apply creative problem-solving at the policy level and carry out resolution of cases in a novel fashion

This training is meant to introduce the EOs to change management technologies so that they could plan their own evolution strategically up to a point. The training is supposed to help the EOs appreciate the complexities, complications, and challenges of growing an organization and its people and making them future-fit pursuant to the prescribed corporate vision and competency development roadmap.

This aims to ensure that:

  • To disabuse the EOs of their limited tactical understanding of what reorganization entails; and

  • To enable them to visualize a future-fit version of themselves and how to actually act on it.